Im 16 yrs old and I want to become a registered nurse. What can I do?

__R__ asked:

Im 16, Im a junior in high school. what steps can i take to become a registered nurse. im a male. what is the avarage salary? thx

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I really want to become a chef. It so beautiful, but do I really want to work in the culinary carreer?

katie h asked:

I’m just a 13 year old, and so far I have loved baking with a passion. I could do it every day. But I don’t like cooking that much. I mean I’ll make dinner and all, but I just do not enjoy it as much. Is it hard to goto school, and how much is it generally? Will I become successful ? what makes a chef so great?

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I am going back to school to become a registered nurse and I have a question about the schooling?

Amanda K asked:

Realisticaly, how hard are the classes to become a nurse?

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how do i become a chef?

lellow shosies asked:

i want to become a chef …..i have not finished high school yet….. is there anything i can do 2 improve my chances of sucsess

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What should i become actor or chef also, how do get to become one?

bcurius asked:

I have always been wanting to act, but i love cooking and i dont want to do like rachel ray I live in New Orleans aka Southern Hoolywood. I want to become an actor more than a chef but what do you think i should do.

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Does anyone know what it takes to become a registered nurse?

ashley asked:

I would like to know the steps to become a registered nurse. Starting from high school.

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Can a person become a Registered Nurse in 2 years?

Joeyyowee asked:

I was looking at a 2 year community college that has a nursing program. I didn’t think that it was possible to become a registered nurse 2 years after graduating high school.
What is the difference between an associate nurse and a bachelors nurse? Is it the same thing as the difference between an LPN and an RN?

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what do i need to do to become registered nurse in australia?

sarita asked:

i am a staff nurse in my country nepal and also worked for one year .i live in uk now.

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Can I become a surgical technologist before I become a Registered Nurse?

Constantly Curious asked:

I figure that it will take me about a year to get all of my prerequesites in order, and then I can become a registered nurse. I’ve also heard that it would be good experience, especially since I want to work in either the OR or ER.
oh, and In my state, there arent many jobs for a certified surgical assistant ( an advanced surg tech). Do most people just become promoted into this position?

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How can i become a chef?

broadwayisadrug asked:

Ok i am in grade 10 at an IB boarding school. 99% of their students get into the university of their choice.

I want to be a chef at a big time resturant when i am older and i am fully ready for whatever amount of work i have to do to become a chef?

When i go to university what courses should i take (and whats some good universitys for this job)…

Moneys no problem ;)

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